About Us

Heflin Ranches Outfitters has been offering trophy whitetail and other exotic game hunts in southeast Oklahoma since 2014

Our Mission

"Offer the best trophy game hunts, at a reasonable price, for anyone to enjoy"

Growing up as avid hunters and having gone on countless trophy hunts across the country, we began to notice a common trend; hunting trophy game is extremely expensive.  It was this trend that sparked our passion and dream to offer the best trophy game hunts at reasonable prices for anyone to enjoy.      





When we discovered this 2,800 acres of timber covered hills in 2012, we immediately saw how unique it was and knew we truly had something special to offer hunters.


Simply put, the hills were more than hills, the draws ran deep and rocky, and the timber looked like a green carpet that stretched for miles and miles.





Heflin Ranches Outfitters started with a simple vision: build a place where any hunter could harvest the trophy of a lifetime without the absurdly high prices.


Our goal was to provide a place where hunting was actually hunting.  Where our hunters feel like they are a part of our family when they were here and to always remember their hunting experience with us (and obviously tell their friends about us). 


This is what fuels our passion today and what drives how we operate our hunting services.


From the time you pull into our ranch, to the time we take pictures with your new trophy game, our staff is dedicated to making your hunting trip one to remember. 

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